Gastric Banding with the Lap-Band® System

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233 Main South Road
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1st floor Medical centre
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Patient Stories

LAP-BAND System Patient: Robin

“Here’s what my life was like. Pick up three 40Kg bags of dog food; strap them to your body. Then try walking.It was difficult to even bend down to pick up my little girl.”

Robin - Before

Before - 122 kgs

Robin - After

After - 75 kgs

“Now, I have the energy to play with my children and am comforted to know I’ll be around when they grow up.”

LAP-BAND System Patient: Sondra 

“I spent most of my marriage being ill. I thought I was going to die young. Diabetes, asthma, hypertension— I had it all. I took 32 pills a day. I never wore a dress— I wore a tent.”

Sondra - Before

Before - 104 kgs

 Sondra - After

After - 63 kgs

“Now I’m down to 9 pills a day, I’m a size 10 and I’m going to live long enough to enjoy it.”

LAP-BAND System Patient: Frank 

“My weight was killing me—but I was constantly hungry. Nothing helped.”

Frank - Before

Before - 160 kgs

 Frank - After

After - 95 kgs

“I was in the hospital for a day, and I haven’t been hungry since.”


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