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Obesity Surgery Benefits

Health Benefits of Bariatic Weight Loss Surgey


As weight loss appears so effective in reducing the impact of type 2 diabetes, the place of substantial weight loss through surgery as a treatment of diabetes is now well established.

Improvement and resolution of hypertension can be found in up to 70% of subjects who lose weight following bariatric surgery.

The lung function abnormalities associated with obesity improve with weight loss.

The association between asthma and obesity is an emerging area of research with now a number of studies indicating a positive relationship. Very little about changes with weight loss have been published. A paper within this thesis is the first to indicate major clinical improvement (Dixon et al, 1999).

There are improvements in sleep disturbance and sleep disordered breathing in obese subjects who lose weight. These improvements are consistent for medical, dietary and surgical methods of weight loss.

NASH is an emerging liver disease strongly linked to the metabolic syndrome. Weight loss improves the metabolic abnormalities associated with the metabolic syndrome and has been shown to reduce steatosis.

There are also a limited number of reports of improved ovarian function after weight loss.

There is a growing association between being overweight/obesity and cancer.Weight loss reduces this risk.

There is a clear association between being overweight/obesity and early death. Weight loss through gastric banding reduces early death rates in the morbidly obese improves mobility following weight loss surgery.

From the patients' perspective, the quality of life is arguably the most important outcome measure from any weight-reducing program. Studies have also consistently showed improved psychological status with significant weight loss, especially after weight loss surgery.

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